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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Here's to a good day.

23rd January 2018

Magic happens when you do not give up, even though you want to.  The universe falls in love with a stubborn heart.

I’m loving my bed right now, sleep is my friend, we were there before 9 last night and I’ve woke a few times in the night, the first time was 11.53pm, oh how fab was that to know I could go back to sleep and still have a night’s sleep, loved it.  Been up since half four as got stuff I have to do before going to my meeting. 

Looking forward to seeing what’s going on at the scales again this week, adding to that 108 stone 2018 total, yep it’s gonna rise.  I’m also hoping with payday on the horizon I’ll be seeing more members returning, there’s 30% off the 3 months plan when bought online before the meetings, that’s a good offer.

I’m only running out of eggs – that’s always a sign it’s time to shop, I’ll go in the morning and stock up on everything.  I used the sweet potato yesterday had to throw the one away it was minging, so with the other one I added some butternut squash and used an out of date curry paste / spices kit, it tasted alright to me!  I slow cooked my little joint of beef all day on a bed on onions and we’ll have that for dinner today I think with mash, peas and gravy, oh and of course a yorkie, I’m sure there’s a few in the freezer.  Will get some salmon out to defrost, just found a pinterest suggestion for parmesan crusted salmon, they’d mixed it with a bit of mayo, sounds good. 

I roasted the leftover butternut squash and some peppers yesterday too but mom wasn’t hungry when it came to feeding her so I think I’ll whizz them up today and make soup, could whizz in some chick peas or cannellini beans to make the soup creamier for no extra Smart Points. 

Ooo just looking through my facebook group and getting lots of ideas for meals, I might have a bacon and egg medallion sarnie for breakfast, looked good, nah I’ll save that for a tea one night, I want something lower in points for brekkie.

Anyway I need to get stuff done so I’ll keep this short, let’s have a great day BeYOUtiful, you got this!  Let's all have a cracking good week, even if we aren't perfect, we can still do good

Monday, 22 January 2018

It's never going to be easy - just do it!

22nd January 2018

Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been.

Well that’s my messing about done, I said I’d struggle till after my birthday and now it’s Monday morning and I’m ready to start project “Feeling great at 48”, for me it’s not about the visual as much as it’s about how I feel, I want more energy, I want to feel like my digestive system is coping with what I’m eating.  I want to feel like I’m ready to start my day each morning when I get out of bed.  Yeah it’s all about feeling, because how I feel affects how I behave and how I behave affects others.

Here’s to day 1 then, it’ll start with me going through my fridge and kitchen and seeing what meals we can look forward to this week, I know I have salmon in the freezer, I also have a couple of sweet potatoes, peppers and a butternut squash.  Then there’s some beef in the fridge, so all this will be used to make some delicious healthy things, which will all be tracked because I’m putting myself and my health at the top of my to-do list.    

I’ve got 2 mangos that have been in my kitchen for a week so I’m going to peel them this morning and see if they’re salvageable, can whizz them up if need be and have with 0% Greek natural yogurt, that’d be nice.

Yeah I’ve had a weekend of friends and today’s all about me, I’m not even going to do much work, I’ll get ready for tomorrow and do a few bits but then I intend to spend some time in the kitchen and the rest of the day with mom.

One of my members remembered me this morning that we talked about this recipe last week in one of my meetings and now it works out at 5sp total for the recipe or 15sp if you're having the rice too, so only 3sp per serving which is fabulous because it is delicious and I have all the ingredients I think, might have to get the chicken, wonder what it would be like with salmon, could have it with rice or maybe sweet potato fries, mmm.  Ooo time to get my healthy back and enjoy the food again, no more rubbish.

Garlic chicken curry

3sp per serving without the rice, serves 2

10 minutes prep time, plus marinating. Cook time 20 minutes

Small bunch fresh coriander

3 garlic cloves, crushed

2tsp garam masala

1tbsp mango chutney (4sp)

2 x 125g skinless chicken breast fillets

1 tsp vegetable oil (1sp)

1 onion, thinly sliced

400g tin chopped tomatoes

100g basmati rice (10sp)

2 tbsp 0% fat natural Greek yogurt

  • Cut most of the stalks from the coriander and set the leaves aside. Finely chop the stalks and mix with the garlic, garam masala, chutney and a pinch of salt to form a paste.
  • Using a sharp knife, cut small slashes in each chicken fillet then flatten them slightly. Spread over the paste and marinate in the fridge for at least 30 minutes (or overnight).
  • Heat the oil in a large nonstick frying pan or wok and fry the onion for 5 minutes or until softened. Add the chicken and marinade and turn to coat in the onions. Fry for 6-8 minutes, turning the chicken and stirring regularly. Add the tomatoes and simmer for 5 minutes. Chop the coriander leaves and stir half of them into the sauce.
  • Meanwhile cook the rice to pack instructions, and mix the remaining coriander leaves with the yogurt.
  • Serve the curry with the rice and coriander yogurt.

Oh we were saved from eating loads of points yesterday by ordering food that wasn’t good at the Lancaster, to be fair the starters were okay but as my mate pointed out, they only have to throw that in the fryer!  Harsh!  V had the roast chicken dinner, I had beef dinner and Lynne had pie and chips, we left most of it, I think V’s words were, “It’s like care home food”.  You can’t even blame the people in the kitchen because it’s part of a chain, Stonegate pubs, according to their website they have over 690 pubs and bars, sadly it appears the food is all sent out in boil in the bags or microwave pouches, “Proper pubs” it says on their website – Nah, they ain’t.  Give me an independently run pub any day that cooks its own food from scratch on site, the problem these days is finding them.

Anyway, I won’t be eating out for a few weeks now, but if anyone can recommend somewhere Lichfield way maybe for then, I’d appreciate your suggestions. 

Yay, looks like we might be spending today trying to get Alfie into the vets, see this is what happens when you don’t eat properly, you end up with a bad stomach and in Alfies case, anal gland problems, although he’s gone a long time this time which I guess is a good thing.   Right I gotta go he’s crying by me so I’m gonna walk him again we’ve already been out once.

Have a great day, don’t let anything steer you off track.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

I'm 48 & I'm gonna feel great (if it kills me)

21st January 2018
A dream written down with a date becomes a goal.  A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan.  A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.

Okay after yesterday’s blog, after I let you all know everything isn’t always rosy in my world, I decided that I’m going to do everything in my power to make it as rosy as I can for the rest of the year. 

I’m forty eight and I’m going to feel great – that’s my goal for 2018.

I had a good day yesterday, my amazing helpers let me sound off for 20 minute whilst we set up, then I was good again, I’d offloaded and also was reminded throughout the morning everyone has their own crap to deal with and we’re all doing the best we can.

I remembered that I’m blessed to be surrounded by people who get me, they always manage to put the smile back on my face if I’m feeling low & the love back in my heart.  You see your vibe attracts your tribe, and when you find that tribe you should love them hard and be grateful for them.

I’m thankful for all of it, everything in my life, the highs and the lows because the lows make me appreciate the highs all the more and the highs make the lows easier to handle.  The setbacks that happen along the way should be treated as lessons to help us with the comebacks.  The hate should be ignored and make you appreciate the love even more.  Be thankful for everything because all of it together is your life and that’s the most precious thing, it’s the only thing you have really.

Getting deep there ain’t I, all philosophical and stuff. 

Yeah my life is already really good, I just need to remind myself of that on the low days, I also need to get Flexing with all my amazing members and losing weight so I feel great too. 

Today’s the last day of my birthday celebrations, we’re off out for a carvery and a few drinks but then I’ll be focused and I’m ready to embrace it from tomorrow morning.  

Yesterday was lovely too, cracking meeting as always, well over 5 stone to add to our running total, that’s 49 stone in total this week (686lb), the running total for the year is an incredible 1,508lb that’s almost 108 stone.  I’m seriously impressed with that, we’re smashing it!

Then I walked into the Chi rooms to have my massage and she said, “You’re popular someone’s paid for this week as well and another has bought you a gift voucher for the week after”.  I was WOW, so that’s 3 weeks now I won’t have to pay for my own massage, people are so generous and I was so touched not just at their generosity but the fact they’d gone out of their way to do such an act of kindness.

It was snowing when I came out and I thought there’s no way either of us are going to want to walk to the pub in this, instead I went to the Co-op for pizza and cans, we had a lovely night, chilling watching Russell Howard on the tele, laughing like fools and forgetting everything, including the fact we all need to lose some weight as we ate our delicious pizza.  And we were all ready for bed by 9 – hardcore that’s what we are, true rock and roll lifestyle.

As I said at the start of this blog, my goal for this year is to feel great at 48, now to break it down into steps and make that plan and back it up with action to make that goal a reality. 

I will weigh myself officially on Monday, that will be my true start weight, I will start week 4 of my journal with positivity and meal ideas, that’ll be my job Monday morning, and as my journal says at the end of week 3, ‘if you feel like quitting, remind yourself of why you started.  Always remind yourself why.

As I’ve told my members all week, I think January is a tough month to focus on weight loss, after Christmas we’re still surrounded by food, we’re trying to forget how it tasted, it’s cold, it’s dark, we’re low, we’re skint – heck it’s tough.  However members are doing it, so if you’re succeeding in January the rest of the year will be a breeze, if you’re struggling this month – things can only get better!  And they will if like me you decide to make that so.

Who’s with me?  Who’s up for making the coming week a great one, one filled with healthy choices, maybe a walk or two, you could try a new recipe.  Come on we can do this together.  I have members on different stages of their journeys proving it’s do-able, I’ve got members like Pam who’s celebrating another year at goal next week, members like Karen who’s a pound off ten stone or Julia who’s 3lb from goal.  I’ve got members who’ve only just started their journey and will be supported all the way by myself and those amazing members in my meetings.  Yeah let’s jump on board that weight loss wagon and be part of this success. 

I’m in – are you?