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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

When foods too good to share...

25th April 2017
Happy mind, happy life.
Another room sorted!  Oh yeah, I spent yesterday in the utility room, we've not got a huge house honest, we just turned our back living room into a kitchen leaving our once very tiny original kitchen as what we call the utility room where we've got our washing machine and drier (which needs one of those pipes because I've never seen so much dust in one room in all my life!), and I keep my larger kitchen gadgets on a bit shelf in there, like my food processor, slow cooker, actifry.  It's a useful room to stick that stuff you have to keep but have no space for.  Well anyway it was a mess and it was filthy, it ain't now though.  It's still not very pretty, the original tiles from when we moved in 20+ years ago are still on the wall and they're just functional, plus the original red floor tiles which I do like, it's just a very small practical room, it doesn't need to be pretty I guess, it houses the boiler too.   At least now it's very clean, hands and knees floor job, I bleached the back door which now looks new again.  The last room for sorting is my office, but at the moment, it's housing a large portion of my bedroom, so that job will wait a few more weeks. 

I did have to smile, as I'd almost finished after hours of being in there, mom said "what you doing?", I replied cleaning the utility room, to which her response was, "I don't know about that, this living room needs doing, it's a mess!"  Just call me cinderella ay!  Then I made her a cuppa and we spent the rest of the day watching a couple of movies.

Oh I had the best dinner yesterday, loving my food this week, Tandoori chicken sashlick from Waitrose, it was part of a £10 meal, 2 mains & 3 sides.  I'm eating them separately as meals, so I had the dhals, which make a good light meal, I had the sashlick with a cook in the bag grains & veg pouch.  Anyway it was delicious, it really was and only 4sp for half, or 9sp for the pack, I had the pack it was too good to share. 
These meals are really helping me stay on track at the moment, I'm not wanting to spend loads of time cooking in the kitchen because I'm doing the cleaning and sorting, I know I'll get back to being creative in the kitchen but not at the moment and to be honest for the price and how good it tasted I know I can't recreate that sashlick anywhere as good as it was, I've already added it to the basket for my next delivery, it was seriously tasty and lush. 

That's the beauty of Weight Watchers you can adapt it to suit your lifestyle and that's why I love it, now what shall we eat today.  I'll go see what's use by today and we'll start there.

Before that I need to shower and dress, it's a bit awkward having my clothes on moms floor but we're surviving, not long now, soon have my bedroom done and ready for relaxation.  Having the blinds fitted has made a huge difference to my sleep, I didn't realise how much better it'd be with a darker room at night, I've always slept with the curtains open because I was scared of the dark, but I've obviously got over that fear now - although total pitch black still freaks me out! 

Anyway, I'm waffling so I'm off, got my lovely members to see in a bit, kids are back at school, so we can all start our new Weight Watcher term too, let's hope they come back refreshed and raring to go after their holidays wanting to be teacher's pet and top of the class :)

Have a great day BeYOUtiful here's to get top marks!

My car passed it's MOT yesterday so I'm treating myself as it's pay day, I'll be having something from my basket Scentsy party, love my smellies.  If you want something, check out the website and let me know, you can have the stuff delivered directly to you if you're happy to pay P&P or I can have it delivered to me and pass it onto you to save on that cost. https://lynnewyatt.scentsy.co.uk/party/7682338/beverleys-party

Monday, 24 April 2017

Last Monday in April!

24th April 2017

Don't forget to be happy.

Morning, slept till 6 after going to bed at 10, only woke twice thanks to foxes and Alfie, I'll be glad when they've done with their mating rituals, not impressed at all, the squirrels in our garden don't make that kind of noise, yeah they dig my plants up but at least they're cute, look at him eating his breakfast yesterday morning outside my window;

I loved my breakfast yesterday, as it was St Georges Day, I had bacon and egg on a slice of toast,

it was a good way to start the day and kept me going till the afternoon when I had this delicious meal,
actually the most delicious 17sp I've eaten in a very long time! Teriyaki chicken with cauliflower & kale couscous in a lemon dressing.  It was from Waitrose, the packet of Teriyaki chicken was 5sp, and part of the 3 for a tenner range, the cauliflower & kale couscous thing was £1.99 but part of a 3 for fiver deal, it was meant to serve 2 but I ate it all myself and was truly stuffed afterwards, didn't eat again after that.

Kitchens all nice and sparkly clean after a good clean yesterday, actually I'm lying I still need to do the floor, I was waiting till the blinds had been put up as I knew he'd make a mess, then I forgot all about it.  Blinds look good though, we've got for daffodil colour, or yellow in everyone else's world, they really lighten up the room, next jobs to paint it, mmm, at some point.  Not until my bedrooms finished, I'm dressing off my mom's bedroom floor at the moment until my wardrobes are finished.  Poor chap wasn't very well at all yesterday, then he couldn't get the huge gloss panel up the stairs so it's had to come up in two pieces so I'm getting a bit of a shelf to disguse that, quite pleased about that to be honest as I like the idea of somewhere to maybe have a photo or two, we'll see.

I nipped to the shops to look for something to protect my under window cupboard from Alfie and save Alfie from breaking his neck if he jumps on and it's too slippy.  Found a piece of foam in Dunelm, that was all I found in there, they're a bit pricey, then I was pleasantly surprised by Matalan, some lovely stuff in there and good prices, I got a cushion, removed the middle and put the foam in so it'll be perfect.  Also got a few bits for the bathroom to cheer it up, I am pleased with the final results.  Just need the two  little cupboards now and it's finished I think.

After a morning of cleaning and a few hours shopping the rest of my day was spent chilling with mom and a glass or two of wine.

My week hasn't been 100% on track but it's been 100% improved compared to last week, I should get me a weight loss tomorrow, we shall see.  I've eaten some delicious meals regardless and good healthy food too.  Not sure what's on today's menu, we're eating according to the use by dates!

I'm stuck at home today unless I walk as my cars off for its annual service and mot, fingers crossed that all goes well!  

Here's to a great day either way, you in BeYOUtiful?

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Good morning...

23rd April 2017
You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm.

We had a full house yesterday, my besties boyfriend upstairs in my bedroom (ooer mrs!), no he was building my furniture, doing my fitted wardrobes, he'll be back today to finish off, it's looking good, especially as I didn't know what I wanted inside them so he's 'organised' me, even worked out that I need those slow slide back in drawers because I'm a bit of a bull in a china shop kinda girl!   It's all going to look awesome, wished my bed was coming before May, although it's not that long really is it, this month's flown by.

Next my brother turned up and soon after my nieces with 2 bulldogs, Alfie wasn't so sure about the dogs, but he survived and basically kept getting them in trouble by playing the victim after teasing them!  It was a lovely afternoon, even if for an hour of it felt like a busman's holiday as I did a WW meeting & getting started session with my nieces as they want to lose a bit of weight for summer.  Now they've been welcomed into the Weight Watcher family too, I'm expecting them to turn up to a meeting.

Today's going to be busy too with the man coming to put my blinds up and my wardrobe man back, I said I was going to do housework yesterday but I ended up doing nothing but enjoying having visitors so I'll start this morning with sorting the kitchen so at least the man can get to the window to put blinds up!  I want to pop to Lidls too, they have chairs I want, plus I won't have my car tomorrow because it's going in to be serviced and mot'd - April is a truly costly month so far!

Not too bad with the meal choices yesterday, we had a lovely salad for lunch with Weight Watcher crustless quiche, they're really nice, I need those in my love again soon.

I need to do something with the grains I've got in my cupboard, so maybe I'll look for some ideas for that today, I can't remember exactly what I've got but I'm thinking quinoa and couscous, not sure, but I'll have a mooch in the cupboards then a look for ideas.  I've also got a bag on beansprouts in the fridge I added to my shopping without thinking about what to do with them, so some kind of stir fry maybe use up the veggies too. 

As you can see, I've not really planned this weekend, I do know that all the food in my fridge is healthy stuff though so I'm half way there, plus I woke up feeling good which is always a good thing.   I had a cracking night's sleep to say I was sleeping downstairs on the bed settee, we only got woke once by the foxes wailing, horrid noise.

Mmm beansprouts for breakfast?  I can if I want too, thinking some soy sauce, mushrooms, if I have noodles, I'm thinking a chow mein style dish, but I'm not sure I have, I know chow mein for breakfast isn't normal but as I said with my breakfast yesterday #whybenormal.

Right I'm hungry, I'm off to see what I can concoct for my breakfast, keeping it healthy of course. Have a great day BeYOUtiful, I'm sat smelling coconut vanilla orchid melt in my wax warmer, it's gorgeous, no calories in the sense of smell.  

Saturday, 22 April 2017

How much attention do you pay your food?

22nd April 2017

Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable. 

Awake this morning since 2am, not tired though, but I think I may be a little later!  All go in my house today, once I get back from my meeting I've got the man coming to do my bedroom furniture, fitted wardrobes and cupboard for under the window for Alfie, he will be pleased to be able to get back up there, he's missed it so much, he walks in my room, walks all round my bed and leaves in disgust.  I think as he's going to be doing that, I shall use the afternoon to clean and tidy, start in kitchen, work my way up.  My bathrooms nearly finished, he's also bringing me a couple of little cupboards he's made me to fit in the spaces I have so that all my toiletries can be put out of sight, new shower curtain and mats purchased and it's all looking pretty good.  Can't believe how long we've left it between decorating but the other rooms will have to wait a little longer, one thing at a time.

This week in meetings we've been talking about eating mindfully, it's amazing how many things I've not finished because when I'm actually stopping to taste them, they're not all that, it was pizza yesterday, it was a bit sweet, so I left some.

If you've never done the eating mindful exercise, have a go, here's two ways;
Get hold of a bunch of grapes.  They can be white or red, whatever you like.  It need only be a small bunch...  you'll only need one, or maybe two.  Give yourself about 5 minutes to sit at the table in peace and quiet (if you have kids - get them to do it too!).  Put ONE grape on a plate have a look at it, feel it, smell it and then pop it in your mouth and just hold it there for a bit with your eyes closed...  when you are ready start to eat it very, very slowly and see how long you can take over it.  

Or if you want to be a little more into it; 

Mindfulness and the Art of Chocolate Eating!
This should take around 3-4 minutes.

You will a small bar of chocolate.

Read each instruction one at a time before moving on to the next stage, be open minded, there are no rights or wrongs, just your experience.

Consider the wrapped chocolate -

Does the wrapper make a sound?
What colour is it?
 What does it say?
Where did it come from?

Open the chocolate, slowly -

Do you feel a sense of anticipation, or an urge to immediately put the chocolate in your mouth?
What physical sensations do you have?
What emotions are you feeling?

 Just note them.

Look at the chocolate - consider its texture, colour, weight…

Smell the chocolate - does the smell trigger any other senses?

Where do you feel your sense of smell?

Place the chocolate in your mouth but DO NOT EAT!

How does it feel as it melts?

Where in your mouth can you taste it?

What is the consistency?

What is happening with your mouth, teeth, tongue, lips as it melts?

Move the chocolate around your mouth

Does the area of taste change?

Does the taste itself change?

What is happening to the chocolate?

How do you feel?

Swallow the chocolate, focusing on the sensation.

Is there a lingering taste?

How do you feel physically and emotionally?
Take a little while to consider the experience.
How was this different from your general chocolate-eating experiences?

More intense? Frustrating? More pleasurable?

Were you more aware of your emotions during the exercise?

Would this change your future experience of eating chocolate?


Honestly have a go, it's an interesting exercise to get you thinking about your enjoyment of food.  How many of us just eat!  We think about food all the time except when we're eating it, then we're just shoving it in!

Right I'm off, 4.18am and I'm gonna play me a game of Candy Crush I think as I've got plenty of time to get ready.

Here's to an awesome weekend BeYOUtiful.