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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Good food = good mood!

15th March 2017
Let every situation be what it is , instead of what you think it should be.
Another day on track yesterday, all No Count, started with eggs on toast, for lunch I had salmon, wholewheat spaghetti & veg

 Then my tea was pork, brown rice & green veg stir fry
Really tasty, today I'm making blue cheese gnocchi bake from the new Kitchen favourites cookbook, just need to nip over shop for a couple of ingredients.

Last night however, Lucy our resident vegan at Short Heath couldn't stay to the meeting, however in true Gold member style, she still came to get weighed, then left us with a bowl of her vegan chilli to try and we all agreed it was delicious.  So here's how to make the simple dish which is completely No Count or 14st total, I'm guessing it'd easily serve 2 or more people. 

Lucy's Chilli-ish dish

1 onion, chopped
1 red & green pepper, chopped
carrot, grated
Old El Paso seasoning mix for chilli (4sp)
tin of green lentils (5sp in 400g can from Asda)
tin of black beans (5sp in 300g can from Asda)
tin of chopped tomatoes

Chop and fry an onion till translucent.
Add chopped red and green pepper, fry till soft.
Add grated carrot and soften.
Add old El Paso seasoning mix for chilli.
Add tin of green lentils and tin of black beans.
Add tin of chopped tomatoes
Simmer for a bit until thickened
And that's it!!! Soooooo simple x

You can also do the same but instead of lentils add soya protein (quorn mince) and add kidney beans...it's more like a traditional chilli, says Lucy. 

This is such a healthy meal and so simple too.  If you're not a huge chilli fan you could use any seasoning mix to those ingredients, Old El Paso do a nice Taco seasoning I'd try in that to be honest, maybe a shepherd's pie mix, choices are endless.  Seriously this is one I'd urge you to try because we don't eat anywhere near enough pulses and grains and they are so good for us and the planet.

Why?  Pulses are a good source of protein, fibre and essential nutrients, making them a healthy addition to your diet.  Make it your mission this week to try one, maybe quinoa, cook it like you would rice and service it much the same way as well. 

Don't assume you don't like them, because you once tried and weren't keen or because you've never tried.  I didn't think I liked black beans, sure I've tried them at some time, but I really enjoyed them in that dish last night!   They're a favourite in Cuban and Mexican dishes, it's apparently an excellent brain food, too. Black beans contain anthocyanins that have been shown to boost brain power. Think about that over a black bean burrito!   I don't know about you but I defo need some brain power these days!

Oats are of course the classic grain, eat that bowlful every morning and you're getting a fibre-rich start to your day, which can keep you feeling full and satisfied until lunch, and less likely to reach for that mid-morning biscuit.  Oats contain a strong fibre called beta glucan that can help to reduce cholesterol levels. You're also getting minerals such as manganese, magnesium and selenium as well as B vitamins in every serving.  Don't just settle for that grain though get out there and give the other ones a try, bulgar wheat maybe?

I've got a quinoa mushroom recipe I'm going to have a go at, I'll let you know how it goes, it'll have to wait till I have my next order with mushrooms on it as I have plenty food for now, but I can still experiment with something else.  Watch this space...

Right I'm off to start my day, lots to do, places to be :)

Here's to a wonderful Wednesday and staying on track!

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