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Sunday, 17 December 2017

A pound of cake! WHAT!

17th December 2017
The greatest risk any of us will take is to be seen as we are.  Cinderella
It’s that time of year where everyone is rushing round getting stuff done, I’ve got to own up I’ve done no rushing at all this year for Christmas, I may live to regret that.  The few gifts I have bought have been done online when I’ve thought of something.  I’m not one for buying a gift just because, if it isn’t something I think they’ll actually like I’d rather not buy anything.

So I’m still full of lurgy, voice still not back and keeps coming and going, we watched Mamma Mia yesterday and it was rather frustrating to not be able to sing along with the film.  I enjoyed listening to mom sing instead, we do love a good musical in our house, Alfie’s never quite impressed though.

A few of us went for our Christmas after meeting breakfast yesterday, we went to Berrybrook farm which is one of those carveries that do the huge cakes, I’m never tempted by them if I’m honest, just the sheer size of them makes me thing ‘why?’, and actually ‘how?’ How can you eat that after you’ve eaten a mahoosive carvery!  Out of interest and purely for research purposes I bought a slice of the carrot cake to take home to weigh and point,

Roughly a pound of cake (450g)!  That’s seriously ridiculous and we wonder why we have a weight problem as a nation!  I compared it to other carrot cake on the Weight Watcher app and it works out at roughly 75sp. 

It’s heavier than a Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference (430g) or a Tesco Finest (400g) carrot cake which serves 6, so I reality that slice at the pub should be being shared with 5 other people, not just the 1 most of you are sharing it with.

Well I’m doing exactly nothing today, I’m going to chill out and rest up.  I will of course have to walk Alfie and fetch the papers for mom, plus dog food but that’s my lot.  I won’t even cook, I’ll have a Weight Watcher ready meal out of the fridge I think.

Oh we did laugh yesterday morning, if you read my blog yesterday you’ll appreciate the comment that came back from my BeYOUtiful member Jane, this was it;

Love that Bev, once upon a time I was a little girl with big dreams:
To work in a shop as a cashier - done
To be a nurse - done
To be a catwalk model - not done but I like to think I’m a role model which I now know is better!
To work in a chip shop and wrap up chips - not done but every time I finish with a sterile dressing pack I wrap that up the same way so this has satisfied me!
To be a teacher - done
To marry Woody from the Bay City Rollers - not done but I have someone who can’t sing but is an amazing husband
To be rich - not done but I now know that I don’t need to be rich to be happy
To play a musical instrument - done
To be a ballerina - not done but think I am when I’ve had a bottle of vino so that’s good enough

I was a girl of pretty normal expectations I think - I never wanted to rock the world but the dreams I had I’ve made come true and the others don’t matter anymore!

I smiled as I read it and responded; you’ve rocked my world more than once  💓  I expect you to strut your stuff into my Meeting this morning - the queue can be your catwalk!

Her reply “Done”.

An hour later, this happened;

And this is why I have the absolutely best members who can cheer me up even when I’m feeling poorly, just the most incredible job in the world, I’m sat here feeling truly blessed this morning, if not a little snuffly.

Right the heating needs turning on and I need a big mug of tea to start my day.  That’s as strenuous as I’m getting.  Whatever you have planned – enjoy your day BeYOUtiful. xx  

Oh and apologies if I've made you fancy carrot cake ;)

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Things that make you happy?

16th December 2017
Once upon a time you were a little girl/boy with big dreams that you promised you’d make real one day.  Don’t disappoint yourself.

Things that make me happy?

Now there’s a question for you to think about!  Even when I’m poorly I can think of something.  Warm tea, central heating, a hug, caring messages.

Things that I’m grateful for?  Another good question you should ask yourself daily, this week it’s actually been my job for a whole different reason, I haven’t been well but my members have been awesome and lifted my spirits, the trainees have come to my rescue by saving my voice and my boss has been her usual supportive awesome self.  I won’t be able to call her that after the end of this month, I’ll have a new one, he has big shoes to fill but having met him, I’m sure he’s gonna do a great job.

I bought myself a diary for 2018, it’s actually Dawn French’s ME . YOU a diary, I’d recommend it as a stocking filler for sure, it’s more than just a diary, Dawn’s written in it too.  There’s not a great deal of space in there, 2 A5 pages to a week but it’ll be used for my appointments and also as a bit of a self-awareness book as there are questions in there.  On days I have time - I’m not committing to doing anything every day because that puts pressure on and takes away the pleasure – I will jot down what I’m grateful for, or maybe finish these sentences;

Currently I’m…


So if it was today the answers would be

Currently I’m…

Listening to Automatic by the Pointer Sisters
Loving the fact it’s Saturday and I can rest up for two days
Eating but not really enjoying it as got the lurgy
Drinking water – keeping my fluids up
Feeling a little better than I did yesterday
Wanting to be well before my Christmas break
Needing to get a wriggle on, I have to get to work
Thinking even though I have the lurgy, I’m content with my lot
Enjoying thinking about the answers to these questions and will enjoy doing it throughout the year, even if it’s only once a week, it might become part of my Sunday morning blog ritual.

Your turn, if you’ve read this via Facebook, you can post your responses in the comments boxes, go on give me something to read whilst I’m chilling later.

Right that’s me, I’m off to make myself look semi-presentable, here’s to a lovely weekend before Christmas – yeah I just realised that too!

Have a good one BeYOUtiful. xx

Friday, 15 December 2017

Friday ain't it!

15th December 2017
Isn’t it nice to know that today is a fresh day with no mistakes in it yet!
Honestly my brain is empty, I’m rough as a bears bum, voice still low and I threw up when I woke because of all the crap that needed to get out my nose and chest, I’m quite tickled stomached so stuff like this makes me heave, hence the sick start to the day. 

Despite all that, I could kill a bacon sarnie!  Ain’t got none though, could go with sausage I guess but it ain’t the same is it.  Cheese on toast maybe…

We had some cracking weight loss results yesterday, Nicky got her 25lb Certificate, flex is really working for her, as it is for so many now.  I loved hearing one member say, I’m going to enjoy Christmas knowing Flex works for me so when I come back I’ll get straight back on it.

I had trainees help in my meeting yesterday so I didn’t have to do the meeting talk which helped.  It’s always interesting watching a meeting and your members from the other side so to speak, I get to watch them in a different way, it can be quite insightful.

I may be feeling a bit rubbish but I’ve already tidied my bedroom this morning, it was such a mess after a week of chaos with the decorating that I just couldn’t bear it any more so that’s one room done.  He’s coming to paint the living room this morning so I’ll sort mom’s bedroom whilst he’s doing that then all that I’ll have to do is put the living room back together when it’s all dry, then I can rest up all weekend and hopefully shift his virus once and for all.

Working our way through the food here nicely, we had leftover mash with sausage and peas yesterday, which was good.  I’ve got a craving for Yorkshire pudding, I just want comfort food but I’m trying not to over eat.  Healthy food will help me get better quicker won’t it really?

Mom picked a leaflet up in the doctors this week about eggs, it confirms that eggs are approved by the Food Standards Agency to be served runny or even raw to pregnant women, babies and elderly people as long as they have the British Lion stamp on.  Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods for people of all ages.  The contain high quality protein and are a natural source of vitamin D, selenium, iodine, folate, omega-3 fatty acides (as DHA) as well as containing vitamins B12, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and choline.  What’s not to love about all that!  It also says there is no limit on egg consumption for most people – previous warnings due to their cholesterol content has now been overturned as it is now known that the cholesterol found in eggs has no significant effect on blood cholesterol levels or heart disease risk in most people.

Think that’s just helped me decide my breakfast – can you guess?

Here’s to a good day, I’ve just looked out and realised we’ve had more snow, it needs to do one now, I can’t be doing with it at all.

Take care of you BeYOUtiful, I’m off to make a cuppa.