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Sunday, 20 August 2017

One Life - Just One!

20th August 2017
Don’t wait for the light at the end of the tunnel – light that bitch yourself!

Well a good bloke loved by so many died yesterday, a heart attack, I’m guessing he was about my age and that’s no age for a life to end, it is however a reminder that this is your life – are you living it?

Yeah ONE LIFE – just one!  Why aren’t we all running like we are on fire towards our wildest dreams?   One day you’re 17 and you’re planning for someday, then quietly without you every really noticing, some day is today, and then some day is yesterday and this is your life.  Don’t put off ‘someday’, make it happen.  If you can’t stop thinking about something, don’t every stop working towards it.

What do you want more of?  And it doesn’t have to be money… It could be sleep, time, magical moments, love, hugs, travels, laughter, cake!  Whatever it is you want from life, make sure you’re working towards it, if you’ve got it fabulous – can you make it even better.  Come on let’s do more things that make us forget our phones!

I’ve definitely been thinking about this lately, even before the sad news yesterday, I think somehow that has made me realise all those thoughts I’ve been having do need to come to fruition, so yes I too have new things to strive for, taking my life off hold.

Lightening the blog, my cookers in – yay, although he’s got to come back as he wants to get me a longer pipe so it can be pulled out further, he’s awesome my brother, it’s good to have a gas fitter as a brother when you’ve had a new cooker even if he did melt his pen in my new grill pan before I’ve even used it J .  I’ve still not used it, wasn’t in the mood yesterday, but I’m going over the shop when it opens to get me a white loaf and some full fat cheese and I’m making cheese on toast for my breakfast, I haven’t had it for so long, not having a proper grill.  Nom nom nom.  Look at my pretty cooker…

I was a busy bird for a lot of yesterday so when I finally stopped there was no way I was cooking, I ate a cold pesto pasta pot and it was lush and I was sated.  I also had a nice early night which is always welcomed.

Today’s housework day – boo, but it does have to be done at some point, I won’t spend hours on it though, as long as it’s clean and get aroundable that’ll do us.   

I’m going to keep it short because I have some of that life to live and I want to go get on with it.

Enjoy your day BeYOUtiful, remember the trouble is – you think you have time…  Do It!

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Attacked by a changing room - again!

19th August 2017
It’s never too late to become what you might have been.
I got attacked by a changing room again yesterday!  Yep in I went feeling fine to try some clothes on as there’s a 25% off sale in Sainsbury’s and there they were waiting for me, those damn surround sound mirrors – I do not need to see my back fat, no one needs to, thank you – that’s right NO ONE!   So guess who’s back on track properly this morning, I’m hoping to have my cooker fitted this morning, then I’ve got no excuses at all well at least for two weeks, the upheaval won’t start again until Sept 11th so I can have a few good weeks.   I bought a pair of trousers that are rather snug and my mission is to get them fitting proper without having to wear a big baggy top over them to cover the image!

I had a very busy day yesterday, never stopped I didn’t and I loved it, this new role is great, it’s new things to focus on, using different talents that I have, some that I haven’t used for a long time and of course the busy day was finished off with my mega Friday gang, we have such a blast, we really do – I love it.

But I do need to get my eating back under control, I’m not overeating just not eating as healthy, yesterday consisted of a lot of bread, it wasn’t balanced.

Breakfast - low fat sausage sandwich
Lunch – soup & bread
Tea – chicken wraps

See bready products with all 3 meals and if you haven’t noticed not a sign of vegetables there at all, the soup had onion in it that’s about it!

So yeah back to healthy from today, I will find a way.

My eyesight let me down last night, the new Aero Heavenly when I scanned it came up as 5sp, I didn’t check the tub, it’s 5sp per serving and there’s 3 servings, who puts 3 servings in a small tub, 2 maybe but not 3 and so not worth it, I’m so glad I shared it anyway, Alfie loved it – that’ll make for an interesting dog walk today - NOT! 

Anyway, time to get ready for this day, no massage today, she’s on holiday it’s gonna be a long month without my massage, but my brothers coming for the cooker so that’s good, I’ll cook later, although I only want a proper fried egg and maybe cheese on toast to try out my new grill.   It’s the little things in life that make it good.

Gonna enjoy my afternoon with my mom, we’ve been in the same house but not seemed to see much of each other this week, so today after 11am it’s all about the lovely lady herself.  We’ll find something rubbish to watch on tv and have a giggle hopefully.

Enjoy your day, hope there’s not too much rain for those at the V Festival! 

Friday, 18 August 2017

Here's to another good day...

18th August 2017
Progress is impossible without change.  Change makes us grow.
Yesterday was a good day, handing a certificate to a member who I’ve known since 2010, celebrating 5 years at goal having lost 50% of her body weight – yeah that’s half of what she weighed when she joined and it makes me so proud to see her succeeding and maintaining.  

Rachael you’re awesome, you really are and everyone agreed with me yesterday when we said you should be a coach.   I remember being excited because it was the same day that I had got to goal in 2004, 17th August, it was the same day that Dave got to goal last year, another very proud moment in my career.  
It really is an incredible job and I’ve loved hearing how much my colleagues enjoy the role themselves this week, watching videos on Facebook.

We the men really struggled to get my cooker in my kitchen but they were relentless and didn’t give up, I’m so glad I used a local firm http://www.hartills.co.uk/ instead of a national chain who would’ve just left it on the front garden and said ‘that ain’t going on there’, the chaps even got a carpet out of their van for it to stand on and told my sister they’d pick it back up when I’d had the cooker connected.  How fab is that service!  I didn’t pay anymore for the cooker either and they delivered it free, always make sure you support your local businesses.

CHANGE really has been the word of the week, my new added role as Mentor Champ, my bestie made a momentum decision last night too, the world keeps turning, life goes on and it’s all good.
Apart from the fact I still have a cooker in the middle of my kitchen of course which now needs a special electric plug which that room doesn’t have, so there’s another job that needs doing – YAY!  Still smiling here…  

Very busy day today, lots to do, then my meeting tonight, so I’m going to keep this short today otherwise I’ll never get started, here’s to making it a great day – you in BeYOUtiful?